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  • Telegraph Spark // Government campaign 22nd June 2020 / Blog

    Telegraph Spark commissioned me recently to shoot part of a campaign they were working on on behalf of the Government regarding the reopening of shops as the lockdown eases. I photographed Andy Rossiter of Rossiter’s Books in Ross-on-Wye, as he prepared to reopen on 15th June. This was my first shoot indoors for months and it was interesting to learn about the precautions shop owners are having to take as well as making sure that myself and my assistant were cautious – the distancing certainly adds another dimension to shoots!

  • Guardian G2 // Gareth Thomas 22nd May 2020 / Blog

    The Guardian commissioned me in May to photographed ex-Rugby Union player for Wales and British Lions, Gareth Thomas at his home in South Wales. Gareth is the first professional rugby union player to come out as gay and in late 2019 announced that he was HIV positive. Gareth now dedicates his time to campaigning for LGBTQ+ equal rights, HIV awareness and Mental Health issues. It was really a pleasure to meet and photograph Gareth, he’s a great inspiration for many, including myself.

    The interview can be found here: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jun/08/gareth-thomas-on-coming-out-as-hiv-positive-it-was-my-right-to-tell-my-family-not-somebody-elses

  • Guardian Weekend // Streets Project // Canton Community Sing 29th April 2020 / Blog

    The Streets Project was an exciting commission I had from the Guardian Weekend. They were interested in documenting 4 streets across the U.K. during the Covid- 19 lockdown, to see how the neighbours and communities were coming together and what novel ways they’d devised to create a sense of togetherness. After a bit of digging around on social media, I came across the Canton Community Sing, which started a few streets away from my house in Cardiff. The residents were delighted to be photographed and interviewed for the piece, it was a really great atmosphere and I’m looking forward to the celebratory street party when it’s possible!


  • Der Spiegel // Welsh Nationalism 3rd February 2020 / Blog

    An interesting commission for German publication, Der Spiegel. The story looked at Welsh Nationalism in light of Brexit and how the controversial flooding of the Welsh speaking community of Capel Celyn, nr. Bala during the 1960s has become a symbol of the movement. A reservoir was created on the site of the village to provide water for Liverpool. Across Wales, and on the banks of the reservoir, the political slogan ” Cofiwch Dryweryn ” can be seen and means “Remember Tryweryn” . I met Eurgain, who lived in Capel Celyn as a young girl and still lives nearby and Elfed who recently repainted the the slogan along the A487 nr. Aberystwyth.

  • Laura Quinn // Crafts Magazine 14th January 2020 / Blog

    I recently photographed the talented glass blower and designer, Laura Quinn at the Plymouth College of Art for the Crafts Magazine.

  • Telegraph Spark // NSPCC 3rd January 2020 / Blog

    I was commissioned by Telegraph Spark to work on their campaign with NSPCC. I photographed three survivors of childhood abuse who have spoken out to use their stories to help others in coming forward and to raise awareness of the prevalence of this issue. I also met and photographed Rob, a volunteer for the NSPCC who educates children in primary schools across the U.K.

  • Dr. Roland Zahn // The Correspondent 14th November 2019 / Blog

    Dr. Roland Zahn, Consultant Psychiatrist at King’s College, London photographed for the Correspondent. Dr. Zahn is leading the research into the prevalence of guilt among people who have experienced mood disorders – such as anxiety and depression – and how the findings can possibly shape future treatments.

  • Financial Times // Brecon By-Election 14th August 2019 / Blog

    A really interesting commission from the Financial Times to cover the fascinating by-election is Brecon and Radnorshire. The Tory MP, Chris Davies was embroiled in an expense scandal and so a by-election was called. The Liberal Democrats won the seat off the Conversatives.

  • Telegraph Spark // Together Money 26th July 2019 / Blog

    A commission from Telegraph Spark in conjunction with Together Money, shot at Fletchers Methodist Church in Telford.

    Marc Chamberlain, who Together provided a commercial mortgage for to turn a disused Methodist church (Fletcher’s Methodist Church) in Madeley, near Ironbridge, Shropshire, into a leisure complex featuring bar/restaurant.

    The story is about how to breathe new life into disused buildings, and using this as an example of creating a new business from disused property.

  • NBC News – Refugee integration in Wales 16th July 2019 / Blog

    I was commissioned by NBC News to photograph for a feature written by Saphora Smith, which looks at the ‘nation of sanctuary’ policy implemented by the Welsh Government in order to provide better integration for refugees. This can be through employment, social and language opportunities.

    Full article can be found here : https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/wales-becomes-nation-sanctuary-refugees-asylum-seekers-n987536