Welsh farmers // The Guardian

I photographed 3 generations of Welsh farmers for The Guardian at the end of 2021. The Davies’ have farmed their land in the Welsh heartland since the 19th century. Elwyn, 91, John, 55 and Brychan, 20 relayed how rewarding the work is, especially when working together.

However, Welsh farmers are experiencing great volatility at the moment due to post-brexit deals with New Zealand and Australia, along with other pressures. Large corporations have been circling family farms with the view of buying up their family farms in order to plant trees on the acres, to offset their carbon footprint.

Another problem is the demographics, only 3% of Welsh farmers are under 35, the average age is 60. Despite this, John and Brychan remain optimistic, ” people are going to need food and the issue of food miles is a big one, I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere soon.”

The full article can be found here https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/dec/29/its-about-community-culture-and-language-welsh-family-farmers-dig-in-for-their-future

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