Tahira Ali // Hyphen Online

I photographed 21 year old Tahira Ali for Hyphen Online, a magazine which focusses on Muslim issues across the UK and Europe. Tahira is an up and coming powerlifter from Swansea who is tipped for Olympic success. She chooses to train and compete wearing a hijab, a choice she thought might hinder her progress. However, after approaching the Welsh Powerlifting Association they have since adjusted their dress code requirements to allow for Muslim women to compete covered if they prefer to- Tahira hopes this will encourage others to take up the sport. I really enjoyed meeting Tahira at the YMCA in Swansea, where she trains 6 days a week.

The full article can be found here https://hyphenonline.com/2022/11/15/the-uk-hijabis-powerlifting-their-way-to-glory/

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