Scotland Wind // The New York Times

Last summer, Stanley Reed and I, travelled to NE Scotland for The New York Times. Giant wind farms, such as ‘Beatrice’ – 10 miles off the coast of Wick, once a thriving fishing port -are easing the socio-economic impact on the community after oil’s decline. Oil and gas workers from the area, who lost their jobs due to reduced investment in fossil fuels, have been grateful to find work in the wind energy business. The days can be long and the work gruelling but the workers consider themselves fortunate and see wind enery as the future in the area’s revival.

Further south, in the Port of Nigg, Global Energy Group recently spent £120million adapting the port so that it can load the enormous turbines stands on to the ships. These stands are mostly built in China then shipped to the UK but the hope is one day they’ll be built by British companies, if costs can be more competitive.

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