Personal // New Zealand portraits

At the end of February / March 2020 I travelled to NZ for a couple of weeks to visit family and take a mini road trip. It seems like a lifetime ago now. The images seem more poignant as just a few weeks later the world was in grip of the pandemic and meeting strangers in this manner has become a bit difficult – I wonder how the people I met have been affected by it.

I’d spent 10 months working there about 8 years previously (and a month 7 years previous to that) so I was really excited to be back – it’s a country I have a particular affinity with.

I met some interesting people along the way, despite the meetings sometimes being very brief – others I engaged in conversation with for a while, both parties expressing a mutual interest in one another. As much as I love my family, I find travelling with others to be quite testing, being able to wander off with my camera, alone, for an hour or two is the perfect antidote to this.

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