Khady Gueye & Eleni Eldridge-Tull // The Observer

khady gueye and eleni eldridge-tull photographed in Lydney, Forest of Dean for the observer. They organised a BLM event in June 2020 at Bathurst park

Khady Gueye and Eleni Eldridge-Tull photographed at Bathurst Park, Lydney for The Observer. In June 2020, Gueye and Eldridge-Tull organised a BLM event after the shooting of George Floyd. The article outlines the difficulties they faced in getting the event approved due to resistance from councillors and local residents. However, they were ultimately successful and the peaceful event, which was described as a celebration rather than a protest, was attended by around 300 people of all ages – some of whom spoke about their experiences as a minority living in the Forest of Dean. However, there were around 20 counter-protesters – all white and all male – who let it be known to Gueye and Eldridge-Tull that they were followed home.

The insightful article can be found here

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