Guardian Labs in association with San Miguel

I was recently commissioned for a shoot in Snowdonia for Guardian Labs in association with San Miguel. As a great fan of the outdoors I was really excited at the prospect of spending a day traipsing around one of the most beautiful areas of the UK. As part of San Miguel’s new campaign ” the rich list”, 19 individuals from around the globe were invited to tell their story of how they’d made their lives more enriching through sacrificing financial or material assets in order to pursue their dreams and goals. I was to spend the day with outdoor swimming enthusiast, educator and photographer Vivienne Rickman – Poole.

Vivienne, who swims in the lakes of Snowdonia everyday, come rain or shine is well know in the outdoor swimming community (and beyond) for the challenges she sets herself i.e. to swim every lake in Snowdonia and for the beautifully serene photography which she shares on her social media. After many, many emails, multiply weather forecast checks and rechecks, the Snowdonia marathon and half term we finally managed to pin down a date and luckily the weather wasn’t too inclement ; I throughly enjoyed spending the day with Vivienne and enjoying the tranquil nature of the surroundings.



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