Dan Hooper (Swampy) // The Guardian G2

Dan Hooper aka Swampy photographed for the Guardian G2. Dan became a household name during the 90s as the poster boy of environmental activism. He disappeared from the media at the end of the 90s but last year reappeared at a protest against HS2, where he dug tunnels under Euston and stayed there for 28 days with his colleagues. 

Dan and his partner, Clare, live in the Tipi Valley, a 200 acre former farm that, since the 70s, has been home to people looking to live in a sustainable way. They’ve raised 3 children there – the eldest, Rory, is also involved in environmental activism.

An interesting read,words by Patrick Barkham. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/08/swampy-dan-hooper-tunnels-bailiffs-protest-capitalists-human-mole

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