Catrin Doyle // Telegraph X Macmillan

I photographed artist and activist, Catrin Doyle, at Parc Arts in Pontypridd for Macmillan & Telegraph Spark fas part of their ‘ Community Champions’ campaign. Catrin is one of three artists chosen by The Arts Council of Wales , to bring the Llais y Lle scheme to Pontypridd. The scheme is designed to help develop the use of the Welsh language, Catrin hopes the scheme will provide a lasting legacy for future generations.

Catrin has also been active in the Pontypridd Nature Reserve Project, which aims to change the perception of the local environment. She says ” Pontypridd isn’t a place people would consider visiting for its nature, but I wondered ; if you start to use words like ‘nature reserve’ to describe your town , does that change how people feel and behave? For example, would it reduce litter?”

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