Castle Farm // Telegraph Magazine cover

Castle Farm, Bishton, Wales photographed for the Telegraph magazine

I spent a day at Castle Farm, Bishton with writer, Guy Kelly for The Telegraph Magazine. Kevin and Sian, along with their friends and family, saw a need in their community, when the first lockdown hit. Elderly and shielding people were struggling to get supplies from the local supermarket.

With access to groceries, vehicles and local produce, they began click-and-collect, as well as home deliveries. Within days, they were doing 60 orders a day. Last September they opened the on-site farm shop and recently acquired a space in Newport City centre. They said the hardest challenge has been getting planning permission. The council made them justify why their small farm shop was taking trade away from the national chain, Spar, who has a store locally. Despite this, they one day hope to open a larger shop, complete with a cafe.

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